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27 November 2009

URGENT MESSAGE : Global warming calls for immediate action from every one of us

Our current course of climate change is worse than the worst case scenario projected by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),with the damaging and often fatal effects already being seen through such extreme events as hurricanes,flooding,droughts and heat waves.

Even if the world reduces greenhouse gas emissions,the planet will take time to recover from the gases already in the atmosphere.

This is why it is necessary to focus on short-lived gases,namely methane. Methane traps at least 72 times more heat than CO2,averaged over a 20 year period. Methane's biggest source is the livestock industry,which is indeed one of the top causes of global warming that must be stopped. Please click here to visit the suprememastertv website for more information.

Current critical condition of our planet calls for immediate and wise action from every one of us.

Let's all participate to save our planet by


mushroom cultivation.