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13 May 2010

Jiangsu Godyun Biotech Co., Ltd. (Godyun)菇神

Jiangsu Godyun Biotech, founded in 1977, has initially formed a province-level leading agriculture industrialization enterprise group, integrating mushroom species selection, cultivation base standardization, deep-processing and R&D.

Jiangsu Godyun Biotech also the m
anufacturer for edible/medicinal fungi and health food. The factory are certified by ISO,HACCP,OFDC,GMP,QS etc. Service include supply of raw material ( extract/powder ), finished product (capsule /powder) OEM , Labeling.

Product list :
Ganoderma Lucidum/Reishi/Lingzhi, Lentinus Edodes/shiitake , Grifola Frondosa / Maitake, Coriolus Versicolor , Hericium Erinaceus , Cordyceps Sinensis,flammulina velutipes, Coprinus comatus , Agaricus brasiliensis

For more detail, visit or ct as below :
Tel : 86-021-61500066-13, Fax : 86-021-61491399, Mob : 86-15026928522
Add: 1706,Zhongguancun Sci&Tech Building,No.2911,North Zhongshan Road,Putuo ,Shanghai,China. (Zip : 200063)